This is taken from a webpage with a news article which chats with Farid Kahhat, a Palestinian-Peruvian author, who wrote a book, The Arab Footprint in Peru.

Note: The author is using the historical sense of the present tense, so I translated it to the past tense.

Arab migration to Peru: A Palestinian settled in Peru takes this country as his own

Los inmigrantes árabes no les enseñan la lengua a sus hijos, no intentan formar un colegio étnico, adoptan la religión católica como un esfuerzo por integrarse a la sociedad peruana.

The Arab immigrants didn’t not teach the language to their children, didn’t try to form an ethnic university; they adopted the Catholic religion as a way to integrate themselves into Peruvian society.

He noted that most immigrants were Christian, but to faciliatate integration, many converted from Greek Orthodox Christianity to Catholicism. Again we see the pattern so common in Latin America. The immigrants were Christian. Many who were not Catholic, converted to Catholicism. Assimilation was total.

There are an estimated 20,000 Palestinians in Peru; and also Syrian and Lebanese.

There are not as many Arabs in Peru as you will find in Chile, Argentina, or Brazil, but they are there.