Mass for Gaza Dead

The Orthodox Church in Chile had a memorial mass for the “martyrs” of Gaza in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead.

Catedral San Jorge. Orthodox Church of Chile
Santiago de Chile, January 8 2009

Obviously, most of the dead in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead were not Christian, but this mass had to be a protest of sorts.

One Jewish group, which I found on the internet, seemed a bit upset about these masses.

Actually, I can partly understand it. One would not expect descendents of Palestinians to be praying for a quick Israeli victory.

The aspect that does strike me as odd are the Christian services for the dead people in Gaza who would have been almost totally Muslim, NOT Christian. Okay, feel sorry for them; but a Mass?

My Spanish is not so good, so I cannot understand in what sense they are using the word martyrs. Do they mean “dead innocents” [a Christian meaning] or dead warriors [the Islamic meaning]? The latter would be scary to even consider that they would take the Islamic sense of the word.

What is clear is that even though Chile’s Palestinians are Christian, they are starting to become politically active in this issue. Given that Chile is now a first world nation, this is no small matter.