The third largest fast food chain in Brazil is Habib’s, which specializes in Lebanese food.

Wikipedia: Habib’s

Habib’s is a Brazilian fast food franchising specialised in Middle Eastern cuisine. It has more than 300 outlets (many of them self-owned) across the country and has recently begun expansion into foreign markets. It is known for very low prices and exotic dishes. Middle Eastern dishes are very popular in Brazil ever since the immigration of people from that area (particularly Lebanon and Syria) into Brazil, despite their numbers being less than 7% of the overall population.

NOTE: From my estimates, that number is probably a slight bit low. I estimate 7.5% Arabic.

Their specialty sandwich is the pita bread Beirute. They claim it is a traditional Arab sandwich, but they use cheddar cheese, which I suspect is a substitute for a true Arabic cheese.

Arab food is so mainstream in Brazil that children of every background are invited to eat it.

Lebanese food is considered so common in Brazil that is is now considered Brazilian. Kibbe, an Arab dish, can be bought from street vendors in almost every city.

Of course, for mainstream, you can’t beat Popeye, who seems to be a regular at Habib’s.