Clouds Over Iguaçu

Apparently, a Shi’a Community is under suspicion in Brazil. They live near the Triple Frontier where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil meet; and where some suspect Iranians launched the AMIA bombings of 1994 by sending a squad of terrorists down to Buenos Aires.

The Triple Frontier is South America’s Wild West. It is a smuggler’s paradise, not only for terrorists, but drug smugglers, tax evaders, etc,

The Triple Frontier is powered by Ciudad el Este (Eastern City), a Paraguayan city with a tax free zone. It is the third largest free port on the planet.

Ciudad del Este has a noticeable Sunni and Shi’a population; with a noticeable Lebanese (Shi’a from South Lebanon) and Iranian community. It has been suspected of terrorism for years, though no hard proof has surfaced.

The first video above, at the top, is about Brazilian Lebanese on the Brazilian side of the rather porous borer.

(Click Here) to read an account of the 50 year old history of Muslims living in the Triple Frontier. The author is sympathetic to their plight.

However, from time to time, Hezbollah operatives are arrested. So the situation is murky, at best.