Night to Honor Israel

What will the Muslims in South America do with this?

Evangelicals (now 15% of Chile, 20% in Brazil and growing) are now holding Nights To Honor Israel.

The General Union of Palestinian Students (UGEP) in Chile is livid over this.

Evangelicals outnumber the Arab Community in Chile 3 to 1 (15% to 5%).

In the long run, they are more like to convert Chilean-Palestinian-Catholics or Orthodox to Evangelicalism that contrariwise.

This trend has not gone unnoticed in Israel; albeit noticed far too late.

As the number of friends of Israel in the world are shrinking, the Israelis are considering reaching out to Latin America’s emerging Evangelicals.

Again, our American media is not noticing this.

These see a slowly de-Catholicizing Latin America and assume that Christianity is dying out, as it has in Europe.

What they miss is an emerging Evangelical Revival more than picking up the slack.

Latin America may yet have the power to assimilate the Muslims among them to Christ; only this time it may be a different branch of Christianity doing it.