Revival in Latin America

There is a massive Evangelical revival going on in South America. This does not get much play on American TV, but Latin American religious demographics are changing.1

Brazil is now 22-25% Evangelical and their numbers are growing so fast that Brazil is expected to become the world’s first Latin Evangelical Nation in the next 10-20 years.

Chile is now 15% Evangelical, and Reformation Day is now a national holiday in Catholic Chile.

Even famously Catholic Argentina is now 9% Evangelical.

The media notices a few more mosques in Brazil and panics because the number of mosques has quadrupled; but their numbers were miniscule to begin with. Any increase, no matter how small, would have quadrupled their numbers. One boatload of immigrants could have done the job.

What the media ignores are the 1-3 Million Brazilians converting to Evangelicalism every year.

If the trend continues, the few Muslims in Brazil will be met with bible thumping Pentecostals, something that is quite rare in the Mideast, where Catholics and Orthodox Christians were often dhimmis who lived in fear.

These Pentecostals go into drug and crime ridden favelas. A few mullahs will not scare them.

I do not think the Muslims in South America can bear up. Islam survives by a societally imposed terror, which does not exist in South America. There is only so many JESUS LOVES YOU bible tracts that Muslims can find before they take effect.

1The reason this goes unnoticed in American media is because the Evangelicals are often as socially conservative as the Catholics. Strict abortion laws in Latin America are blamed on Catholicism, but there is evidence that it may be the emerging Evangelicals upholding these pro-life laws, even as Catholics are lapsing. Our media credits this to a socially stifling Catholic Church, which once was true, but no longer. It may be the moral awakening of an emerging Evangelical presence now sustaining these laws. In Brazil, Evangelicals are radically anti-abortion and pro-life.