Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Colegio Argentina – Árabe – 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Arab-Argentine School (Omar Bin Al Jattab) Buenos Aires
A Vacation Party – just before they break for their summer which starts in December in the Southern Hemisphere.

These Arabs(?!) at the Omar Bin Al Jattab (Khattab in English) school in Buenos Aires are Westernized; and not all of them are Arab. Check out the blonde-haired girl on the upper right stage; and the sandy-haired mother to the lower left. Almost surely, most of these children are Christian.

The school was founded in 1991 by the Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina (CIRA).

The Saudis financed this unpopular mosque.
It houses a culture center, and broadcasts a TV show, one hour per week, on Public TV in Buenos Aires. Most of its attendees are new immigrants to Argentina.

The Islamic Center (CIRA) built a major mosque in downtown Buenos Aires.

Same Arab-Argentine School. First day of class for 3 year old children.

During the administration of President Carlos Menem – an Argentine of Syrian Muslim extraction who converted to Catholicism – the Argentine government donated eight acres of primo real estate in downtown Buenos Aires to the Saudis for them to build a mosque. The Saudis built the largest mosque in South America, which is now connected to the Islamic Center. This Islamic Center is affiliated with the school in the videos above; and also broadcasts an Islamic propaganda show broadcast weekly on Argentine Public TV.

This is being financed by the Saudis. Meanwhile, Iran is broadcasting HispanTV to Latin America.

Look at the school website header, and you will see that there are few Nordic types among the parents and children.

To understand why Christians would send their children to a Muslim school: An American analogy would be Catholic schools in inner cities which attract non-Catholics for their academic performance and discipline. Likewise, the Muslim school is aiming to build an elite; if not in religion, then in sympathies.

Why isn’t the West doing more about this?

Only the Evangelicals seem to be fighting back.

The Christian kids among them will probably not be converted, but there will be an Islamic influence drilled into them.

History – CIRA site

Su principal objetivo es brindar a la comunidad un colegio abierto, teniendo en cuenta los principios pedagógicos de la educación personalizada, como así también las tradiciones y los valores morales de la Cultura Islámica.

Its principle objective to offer the community an open school, taking into account the teaching principles of a personalized education, as well as the traditions and values of the Islamic Culture.

These children may grow up to be anti-Israel, at least; even though they do not become Muslim.

Arab culture is mostly beneficial to Latin America, but this aspect of it requires watching.