Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Chileans Support Gaza in front of Israeli Embassy

At (0:46) they shout ¡Boicot Ahora! which means Boycott, Now!

This comes from Nov 11, 2012, during the midst of the present imbroglio in Gaza.

Chile has the largest number of CHRISTIAN Palestinians on the planet, the numbers vary from 350,000 to 500,000, which is probably half or more of the Palestinian Christians on the planet.

They started arriving in Chile in 1890. Many of these are probably 2nd or 3rd generation Chilean, and probably the products of mixed marriages with Spanish-, Italian-, or German-Chileans.

The Palestinians in Chile are only 3% of the population but 10% of the Senate. They are very prosperous and roughly analogous to the Jews in America. Some are extraordinarily rich. They have real clout.

The only real opposition to the Palestinians in Chile are the Evangelicals, who are 15% of the population.

Palestinian-Chileans have recently been radicalized against Israel.

This is ironic because the Gaza is run by Sharia Muslims who
persecute Christian in Gaza.

The astute will notice the Communist Party flags in the protest above. There is a worldwide leftist-Islamic alliance. This is so bizarre that it makes no sense. Why would godless leftists ally with retrograde religious Islamic lunatics?