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Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation and Al Damir

Note: This charity is probably best translated as the Palestine-Bethlehem Foundation 2000. However the website URL translates to Bethlehem 2000 Foundation. Spanish often puts the adjectives after the noun; and in this case, it is a wacky combination which is awkward to translate.

fundacion_belen_2000The Fundación Palestina Belen 2000 [Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation1] (Click Here) is a major Palestinian-Chilean charity organization which claims to help the Palestinians in the contested areas.

They appeal to the ethnically strong Palestinian-Chilean community, which forms a rich elite. Though Palestinians are only 3% of Chile’s population, yet they are 10% of the Chilean Senate. Their political clout is enormous.

Even though many Chilean-Palestinians are intermarried with non-Arabs and are 3rd-5th generation Chilean, they have recently started to re-discover their Arab roots, even as American Jews are re-discovering their Hebrew roots.

Not just Palestinian-Chileans,  nor Chileans in general; but also English speakers are also encouraged to donate to the Palestine-Bethlehem Foundation 2000.   The site is both in English and Spanish.

The reason the translation is so good is because someone else did it.
At (1:42) Diego Villegas admits he is part Palestinian

The Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation especially emphasizes the Christian character of their charity. After all, 99%+ of Palestinian-Chileans are Christian.  Their  website shows wonderful crosses, and smiling kids. They do wonderful things like send medical teams to Palestine. Naturally, one would expect them to support the Gospel.

Almost all English speakers who come to the site would be Christian. Or would they?

According to this web source, this Christian (?!) charity may not be as Christ-centered as it claims.

The Media Line

According to official sources, the stated aim of the foundation (translated as “Palestine-Bethlehem 2000”) is to provide “scholarships, medical and economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.” Yet, a Chilean government source described the organization to The Media Line (TML) as a lobby. The Anti-Semitism and Racism Institute claims that this foundation is the chief fund-raising organization in Chile for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Wealthy Palestinians from the Chilean community support the fund, which publishes the monthly journal, A-Damir. In celebration of its first anniversary on June 25, 2002, the foundation organized an event, attended by more than 1,000 invitees that included ministers, Members of Parliament, clerics, army officers and judges. Minister of the Interior Jose Miguel Insulza and Government-Secretary Heraldo Muoz both posed for a photograph, wearing a kafiyah decorated with a map depicting a Palestinian state that encompassed land that today is the entire state of Israel.

A Chilean source connected to the Chilean Intelligence Agency (CIA) told TML that this particular fund managed to collect $6m in one year, but that the funds do not always find their way to needy Palestinians. Instead, much of the money goes to charities identified with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization.

I cannot tell you if this is true or not. It might be Israeli spin. On the other hand, why would the Chilean CIA pander to Israeli spin? Do they know something?


The Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation also publishes a glossy web magazine extolling Chilean-Arabs, called Al Damir [The Conscience/Heart].

(Click Here) to see online back issues.

Fundación Palestina Belen 2000 / Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation’s Al Damir Magazine (SPANISH LANGUAGE)
Notice the priest, and the doctors. Appeals to Palestinians in Chile who are Christian.

Each issue prints articles about Arab-Chilean achievement in Chile, gossip, the medical work they do in Palestine, Palestinian culture, the Arab footprint in Chilean politics, etc, even as they give a general anti-Israel spin.

This is not all about the Mideast. They might print an article about a prominent scientist or businessman in Chile who happens to be of Palestinian descent.

Now all of this, in and of itself, would come in under free speech; and there would be nothing to notice except just exactly how prosperous the Palestinians are in Chile.

Al Damir has attracted major multinationals advertisers: Coca Cola, Air Canada, Hugo Boss2, etc. You sell to people who have money. Basic Capitalism 101.

Even this would be okay …


And, according to the Media Line quote (above), the Chilean CIA says they might be.

It could prove embarrassing.

An ad for Coca Cola products in Al Damir magazine – issue #91, November 2012
(Click Here) to find other ads for Air Canada, Hugo Boss, Ellus Jeans, the Bank of Palestine, etc.

Could somebody please verify – one way or the other – if the Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation, and by extension: Al-Damir, has anything to do with Hamas?

This Chilean Christian (?!) charity is not a shoddy operation. It seems to be a well run and polished operation.

But it they are sending money to charities affiliated with Hamas, there could be problems. It would be frightful to think Hamas is being subsidized by multinationals, especially if they are doing it unawares.

They are advertising now. This cannot be ignored.

Their ad shows a girl dressed like a typical Christian schoolgirl in Chile. What they do not show is how many of the Palestinians schoolgirls will be forced to wear hijabs, or burqas, especially in Gaza.

If they are truly helping children in Palestine … then God Bless Them!

If they are funneling money to charities run affiliated with Hamas – as the site above has accused them of – then somebody has to intervene, if only to get the Palestine Bethlehem 200 Founation to direct its money more wisely.

1Because of the wacky way the charity is named, it may best translated as the Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation. If there are descrepancies in the video and the text, it is because it is awkwardly named.

2Hugo Boss, a German fasion house, made a good part of the fashion wear for the Nazi SS. There is a bit of scandal to their origins. They really should be circumspect in their support of the Palestinian Bethlehem 2000 Foundation, with their advertising.

An earlier version of the Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation website had the geography of Palestine defined so as to deny Israel altogether.

They seem to have cleaned up their act when it became apparent that others were noticing that they were denying the right of Israel to exist. The geography page on their website is now gone.

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

A Comparison Says It All


Comparison of Google video searches – as of Mar 16, 2013
English Spanish Portuguese # of hits Notes:
Arab Dance 6,510,000 In Spanish and Portuguese árabe
can mean both Arab and Arabic.
In Spanish there are two words for dance.
Hence the differing wordings.
Arabic Dance 8,710,000
danza árabe 3,020,000
baile árabe 13,000,000
dança árabe 4,280,000

I want you to ponder that.  Even though Engish is the dominant language on the internet by far (Click Here) , and even  though far more Americans are on the internet than Latins, it seems that  Arab(ic) Dance punches more hits in Spanish/Portuguese than in English.

Consider that there are more English speakers on the internet than Spanish/Portuguese. The USA, Canada, Caribbean, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, many populations in the former British colonies, etc.

Consider that many sections of the Latin World (in Central and South America) are too poor to have access to the internet, the way we take for granted in the West.

This should tell you right there that when adjusted for population ratios, the penetration of Arab culture into el mundo latino (The Latin World) is far more massive.

We in the West ignore this at our own peril.

Fortunately, up until now, this has been a Christian Arab influence; and if we use our heads, it will remain so. However, if we ignore Saudi and Iranian propaganda, which is starting to creep into the Latin world, then we will regret it.

Note: I know this is not exactly scientific, but it should tell you something that similar words searches are producing larger results in a smaller population.

Yes, word order can vary results immensely, so I only give this as a general index.

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Why Islam Will Not Succeed In Latin America

Not only Chile, but Brazil, and even Argentina to an extent, are also having a major Evangelical Revival.

You have a few thousand converts to Islam in Latin America. So what? You have millions of Latins converting to Evangelicalism.

If one were to put the Palestinians in South America, within two generations, most of them would be converted.

These Evangelicals tend to be very pro-Israel; and the Palestinian supporters in Chile are upset with the Evangelicals, especially since the Evangelicals outnumber all the Arabs – not just the Palestinians – three to one.

While Chile did grant recognition to Palestine, they put strong conditions on it.

I am sure that in the contest between Evangelicals and pro-Palestinians-Chileans, the Evangelicals will prevail.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

This is Important People

Latin America has almost half the world’s Catholics. Whether or not you agree with Catholicism, that is a lot of Catholics. The Vatican found Latin America to be so important that they elected an Argentine Pope, today.

Prior to the election, the Catholic Church took Latin America for granted. This was a big mistake. Catholicism is fading in Latin America. Latins are moving to secularism or Evangelical Christianity. Whether you think this is good or bad, what is important is that the Vatican realized Latin America is worth fighting for; and is now doing something about it.

Not only the Catholic Church, but the Muslim world has started to realize the importance of Latin America. Iran has started up HispanTV to broadcast its propaganda throughout Latin America. Saudi Arabia finances mosque building throughout the continent.

So what does America, Europe, and Israel do?

They ignore Latin America.

This is no longer excuseable.

Latin America has an incredible history of taking in millions of Arabs, Westernizing them, assimilating them – and where necessary – Christianizing them.

We should pay attention.

We have something to learn from Latin America. It is about time that we paid attention, even as the Vatican did today.

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

A Battle for the Soul

The Saudis financed this massive mosque in downtown Buenos Aires that almost no one wanted. Argentina is only about 1% Muslim; and most of those are non-practicing.

Why was this weekly program, El Cálamo y su mensaje, broadcast from the above Saudi-financed mosque, put on Argentine Public TV – a government network – when even the Arab-Argentines (who are overwhelmingly Christian) did not want it? Corruption is suspected.

The overwhelmingly Christian Arab-Argentines were furious that a popular secular Arab show was cancelled to make way for this Saudi-financed Islamic propaganda in the above video.
Note: I translated this.

Latin America, especially the Southern Countries (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay), as well as Brazil, are in many ways mirror images of the United States.

1a) The United States had heavy European immigration.
1b) Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil (especially South Brazil) had massive European immigration.

2a) America’s immigration was primarily North European, until 1965, though it had some noticeable South European immigration, especially Italians.
2b) South America’s immigration was primarily South European, until recently, though it had some noticeable North European immigration, especially Germans.

3a) America is largely Protestant with a considerable Catholic minority.
3b) South America is largely Catholic with a growing Evangelical minority.

4a) In America, Jews came during in the late 19th century fleeing persecution, and worked their way up to elites.
4b) In South America, Arab Christianss came in during the late 19th century fleeing persecution at the hands of Muslims, and worked their way up to elites.

As South America becomes richer, these Arab-Latins are feeling their oats and starting to assert themselves.

This would be great, except that at the same time, Saudi and Iranian money has come into the continent to propagandize them, and turn them against Israel. Almost every country in South America voted to open embassies with Palestine; and almost all of them voted to recognize Palestine in the United Nations.

These Arabs are elites. The Palestinians in Chile are 3% of the population, but 10% of the Senate. Compare that with American Jews which are 2% of the population and about 13% of the Senate. What we see is that both communities mirror each other in success and clout.

The State Department was hostile to the partition of Israel, but Zionist pressure, and Harry Truman’s religious feelings persuaded him to have America vote to allow Israel in 1947.

Chile’s President was pro-Zionist regarding the partition of Israel, but Palestinian-Chilean pressure persuaded him to have Chile abstain from the partition vote in 1947.

Both communities exercise influence out of proportion to their numbers.

What is troubling is that the vast majority of these Latin-Arabs are descended from ancestors who fled Muslim tyranny. The Shia/Druza and Sunni/Turks started genocidally massacring Christians in the middle of the 19th century until French intervention stopped it. The Lebanese and Syrian Arabs in South America are over 95% Christian, and are descended from these refugees.

The Palestinians in Chile are descended from Palestinians who fled Turkish rule. No Christian wanted to be drafted into a Muslim Army. Over half of them came before Israel was even born. Sixty percent can trace themselves back to an ancestor who arrived before 1930.

So why have these people suddenly found common cause with a quasi-Islamic Palestinian cause? Have they forgotten why their ancestors fled the Mideast in the first place?

The Evangelicals are the only ones fighting this. They should not have to fight this alone.

A large part of this is Israel’s fault. Israel is great at telling people why Israel is good for the Jews. Okay! But Israel does not adequately tell people why Israel is good for Gentiles, even Arab Christians. Israel is not doing enough to get its message out to South American Arabs, who are Latin America’s elites.

Holocaust guilt will not work with Latin Americans. They were not party to the Holocaust. Israel has to explain to Latin American Gentiles why their interests are better served by Israel than by the Arabs in the Mideast.

Argentina and Chile are typical of the problem. Someone has to talk to Israel and the United States to do something. Right now, there is only one group fighting back.

There is a growing Evangelical Movement in South America, which is usually very pro-Israel. Brazil and Chile have enormous and growing Evangelical populations. These should be encouraged. Why is our media ignoring this?

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