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Thursday, May 11th, 2017


I do not hate Palestinians …

1) But some do honor kill their women. NOT GOOD! In fact, it is savage.

I do accept that the Israel may have ethnically cleansed many of the Palestinians out of the coastal towns, out to Gaza, the contested areas, Lebanon and Syria in 1948; but, honestly, would the Arabs have acted any better, had they won?

But that is not even the point.

Anyone, who has studied the history in that area of the world knows that Israel will go nuclear before it surrenders the land back to the Palestinians. Even were the Palestinians to win, at the moment of victory, the last remaining Israeli would set off a thermonuclear party-pooper.

Posted on YouTube: May 14, 2014
I may not agree with all the viewpoint, but Israel does have nukes.

I am not anti-Israel, nor anti-Palestinian. I just recognize that Israel will not budge; and is willing to use nuclear war. I do not even say that Israel’s determination is right or wrong. It is just a matter of fact.

Whatever one thinks about the Palestinians – good or bad – they will not be returning home apart from a nuclear war.

Maybe another alternative should be sought. Reimbursing the Palestinians to settle elsewhere is one idea. South America might be able to assimilate a lot of the Palestinians, if they would just abandon Islam in favor of Christianity.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

007 – Paying Palestinians to Leave

It seems that the only solution to the Mideast Crisis may be paying the Palestinians to leave.

I catch criticism for suggesting this. But others have suggested similar.

This is Dr. Martin Sherman of Tel Aviv University giving the details of such a buy out.

By the way, we came to very similar numbers, independent of each other.

I can provide other examples of those who have arrived at the same conclusions and figures.

What has South America got to do with this?

If the Arab governments will not absorb the Palestinians, maybe South American governments will, if the Palestinians come with cash, the South Americans may welcome the infusion of capital.

Israel will have to pay for this, though; and after 70 years of struggle, it will not come cheaply.

The whole series.

1) The Land and the Settlers
2) Cost to Uproot Settlers
3) Real Arab Populations
4) Cost Effectiveness
5) False Hopes
6) South America Assimilates Arabs
7) Paying Palestinians to Leave

May 10, 2017 – Edited: Corrected spelling, and added some text.
May 12, 2017 – Edited: Added series list at bottom.

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

The Almost Truth About Hezbollah

This video is mostly true except for:

1) Between 2000 and 2006, the border between Israel and South Lebanon was relatively quiet. Israel was NOT under constant attack.

2) There is a small strip of land called the Shebaa Farms which Israel rules, but Lebanon claims. I sort of disagree with the Lebanese claim, but it is a contested area.

That being said: the rest of the video is true.

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