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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Way of Salvation – Arab Evangelicals

Posted on YouTube: September 14, 2017, (In Spanish) – Note: Same person as below.

An update on an Arab Evangelical Church in Venezuela – or at least with a Arab-Latin clergy.

Click Here to to see their messages in Arabic: (Click Here)

To see their church site, click: Iglesia Camino Salvacion (The Way of Salvation)

We mentioned them before on an earlier post: (Click Here)

Now, again, most likely a good portion of these people come from a Christian background, Maronite Catholic or Syrian Orthodox, before becoming Evangelical. However, many of the Maronites or Syrian Orthodox have been in Latin America for generations, and so have forgotten Arabic.

Yet, this church has given messages in Arabic as well as Spanish, which may indicate that they reach out to recent Muslim arrivals as well.

Posted on YouTube: October 31, 2015, (In Arabic) – Note: Same person, Sara Zakhour, as above.

Again, as noted, any Muslims coming to South America would face this. In the Muslim world, the Ummah, Christianity is suppressed, and the Muslims do not have well-developed social skills to resist evangelism. They just threaten or kill the preachers. In South America, this would not be an option, so there would be a continual bleed off of Muslims from any Muslim community to the Christian church – most likely to the Evangelicals, since they take evangelism more seriously than Catholics.

This is why I suggest, from time to time, that the Palestinians in the West Bank be paid to move to South America. They would convert in a generation or two.

Further note: This church obviously has female pastors, which indicates that they are in the Pentecostal framework. Strict Baptists do not have female clergy. But this only shows how radically Arab-Latins have assimilated, moving from an Arab patriarchal background to a very egalitarian Westernized view over the generations.

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Arabs in Brazil – Ministry Outreach

Posted on YouTube: November 22, 2017

This elder gentlemen is Elia Morise, an Egyptian, now a Christian, who evangelizes Muslims. He is lecturing in Brazil. The younger man is named Mehdi, a Moroccan, who converted to Christ, and had to flee to Brazil.

South American Christians do what many modern Christians have forgotten how to do: Evangelize!

If Palestinians are sent to Brazil, or Chile, or Argentina, they will hear the gospel. This is something which is hidden from them inside the Ummah (the Arab world).

In the Arab world, street preaching, any attempt to convert a Muslim, will lead to riots, destruction, and death. It is not even a case of cowering the Christians. An individual Christian might be willing to chance death in order to win souls for Christ; but if the penalty for doing so is the destruction of his home, neighbors, and church, then he would be less inclined to do – not for his own safety, but for the safety of others.

However, once the Muslim is in South America, the tables have turned. In South America, street preaching is common, especially by Evangelicals. There the Muslim has no option to riot, to destroy an offending village, particularly when 90%+ of the population is Christian (whether Catholic or Evangelical).

So now the Muslim will be presented with something that he never saw in his home country: Street preachers inviting him to accept Christ.

The Muslim has no social defense against this. In Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the Muslims could riot. Not in South America.

So when I tell you that Palestinians brought to South America would eventually assimilate, trust me.

This ministry (above) sends out missionaries to the Muslim world.

Elia Morise also baptizes people in the Jordan River in Israel.

Posted on YouTube: January 19, 2014

If this amazes you, then check out the above video directly on YouTube: (Click Here). The writing is in Arabic, and it is affiliated with the Christian Arabic Church.

The Christian Arabic Church YouTube channel: (Click Here). Their headquarters are in Richmond, Virginia; but obviously they do work in Brazil as well. This is their website: (Click Here).

If you think this is merely an American outreach, remember that there are 15 million Arabs in Brazil. True, half are Maronite Christian, and the rest are usually Syrian Christian; but there are Muslims in Brazil. Nowhere near as many as the imams claim, but enough. They are a mission field. Brazilian Christians not only seek to evangelize the Muslims in Brazil, but the Muslims in the Arab world.

So do not worry. Any Palestinians sent to South America would probably convert in a generation or two.

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Arab World – Culinary & Art

Posted on YouTube: October 24, 2017

Clearly this is coming from Brazil.

Arabs make up 7½% of Brazil’s population. The vast majority are Christian.

But Brazil has a dichotomy. About one-quarter (25%) of Brazil is heavily Zionist Evangelical Christian, and very pro-Israel. Combine that with the fact that roughly half of those Arab-Brazilians are of Lebanese-Maronite ancestry – who have a history of calling themselves Phoenicians, not Arabs – and some of whom have a history of being anti-Palestinian.

The Arab-Brazilians tend to be a prosperous group, and have some clout, but Brazil is becoming heavily Zionist-Christian as the percentage of Evangelicals increases.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Islamic Group Teaching Arabic To Brazilians

Posted on YouTube: May 18, 2017

Interesting. A lot of Muslim groups are trying to teach Arabic to Latin Americans as a way to convert them to Islam. This is not the only one.

However, I do not think they will succeed for the most part. There is a massive Evangelical Christian Revival going on in Latin America, which brings in millions per year. The Evangelical Christians are winning.

For the most part, I believe the Arab intrusion into Latin America will result not so much in conversion to Islam, but in generating an anti-Israel political position. The Latin Americans will remain Christian, but become virulently anti-Israel … EXCEPT …

Where the Evangelicals are strong.

Brazil is about one-quarter Evangelical right now, and those figures are growing. The Brazilian-Evangelicals are strongly pro-Israel. And it is effecting Brazil’s politics.

Posted on YouTube: May 20, 2014

Or this astounding event:

Posted on YouTube: July 21, 2015

Source: Is Christian Zionism Flowering in Brazil?
The American Interest – July 26, 2014

Could a wave of Christian Zionism soon hit Latin America’s most important country? The NYT reports that a Brazilian Pentecostal Christian denomination called the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has built a huge replica of Solomon’s Temple in Sao Paulo, closely modeled after Biblical descriptions of the structure. The money for the church came from the Church’s founder, media mogul Edir Macedo. An Israeli flag flies nearby, Macedo walks around wearing a skull cap, and menorahs are found throughout the building. The Church’s spokeswoman told the Times, “There is just one biblical faith; it is impossible to disassociate Christianity from its Jewish roots.”

Brazil has about 44 Million Evangelicals. Islam does not stand a chance in Brazil, nor much of South America; but as noted, where Evangelicalism is weaker, an anti-Israel political view can influenced by Islamic political propaganda, even if not religion.

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