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Saturday, July 13th, 2013

The Almost Truth About Hezbollah

This video is mostly true except for:

1) Between 2000 and 2006, the border between Israel and South Lebanon was relatively quiet. Israel was NOT under constant attack.

2) There is a small strip of land called the Shebaa Farms which Israel rules, but Lebanon claims. I sort of disagree with the Lebanese claim, but it is a contested area.

That being said: the rest of the video is true.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Iranian Propaganda

History of the Resistance – English subtitles


No need to translate, A lot of it has English subtitles.

Notice how they deceptively starts with the persecuted Catholic minority in Lebanon. This is to appeal to Catholic Latins.

HispanTV never mentions that on more than one occasion the Muslims of Lebanon came close to eradicating all the Christians in the area. Christians used to be the majority in Lebanon. Muslim predations drove their numbers down.

Notice how they call Israel:  Occupied Palestine.


I just want you to see what is being broadcast to South America, uncontested.

Iran is bombarding South America with this.

Spain has already banned this network from its airwaves. England and Germany banned PressTV (the English language Propaganda outlet).   (Click Here)

But, thanks to Hugo Chavéz, HispanTV has a leg up in South America.

However, I am not in favor of banning ideas. I think this should be countered by an Israeli Propaganda effort.

Israel is blowing this.


Iran’s story is being broadcast, uncontested, to Latin America.

I doubt serious conversions to Islam will occur as a result of HispanTV. Some conversions may occur, but most converts will revert back to Christianity.

But what will happen is an increase in anti-Israel feeling.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

HispanTV – Propaganda 01

HispanTV (Iran’s Spanish language broadcast) says “Israel continues to rob potable water from the Palestinians”

The video above was posted today by a Spaniard, but it would be going all over Latin America.

To get an idea how hypocritical Iranian propaganda is, you should notice that all their female announcers have to wear hijabs. No religious freedom there.

By the way, HispanTV has been banned from broadcasting into Spain, just like Press TV [Iran’s English language network] has been banned in the UK. These are propaganda networks.

By Venezuela’s TeleSur

Now TeleSur in Chavez’s Venezuela would be partial to Iran; but read between the lines.

Europe is feed up with the unbalanced reporting from Iran’s PressTV and HispanTV.

Latin America, as far I know, has no such ban.

HispanTV is still available all over South America; and on the internet.

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