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Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Arabs in Brazil – Ministry Outreach

Posted on YouTube: November 22, 2017

This elder gentlemen is Elia Morise, an Egyptian, now a Christian, who evangelizes Muslims. He is lecturing in Brazil. The younger man is named Mehdi, a Moroccan, who converted to Christ, and had to flee to Brazil.

South American Christians do what many modern Christians have forgotten how to do: Evangelize!

If Palestinians are sent to Brazil, or Chile, or Argentina, they will hear the gospel. This is something which is hidden from them inside the Ummah (the Arab world).

In the Arab world, street preaching, any attempt to convert a Muslim, will lead to riots, destruction, and death. It is not even a case of cowering the Christians. An individual Christian might be willing to chance death in order to win souls for Christ; but if the penalty for doing so is the destruction of his home, neighbors, and church, then he would be less inclined to do – not for his own safety, but for the safety of others.

However, once the Muslim is in South America, the tables have turned. In South America, street preaching is common, especially by Evangelicals. There the Muslim has no option to riot, to destroy an offending village, particularly when 90%+ of the population is Christian (whether Catholic or Evangelical).

So now the Muslim will be presented with something that he never saw in his home country: Street preachers inviting him to accept Christ.

The Muslim has no social defense against this. In Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the Muslims could riot. Not in South America.

So when I tell you that Palestinians brought to South America would eventually assimilate, trust me.

This ministry (above) sends out missionaries to the Muslim world.

Elia Morise also baptizes people in the Jordan River in Israel.

Posted on YouTube: January 19, 2014

If this amazes you, then check out the above video directly on YouTube: (Click Here). The writing is in Arabic, and it is affiliated with the Christian Arabic Church.

The Christian Arabic Church YouTube channel: (Click Here). Their headquarters are in Richmond, Virginia; but obviously they do work in Brazil as well. This is their website: (Click Here).

If you think this is merely an American outreach, remember that there are 15 million Arabs in Brazil. True, half are Maronite Christian, and the rest are usually Syrian Christian; but there are Muslims in Brazil. Nowhere near as many as the imams claim, but enough. They are a mission field. Brazilian Christians not only seek to evangelize the Muslims in Brazil, but the Muslims in the Arab world.

So do not worry. Any Palestinians sent to South America would probably convert in a generation or two.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Festival Árabe in Medellín, Colombia

Posted on YouTube: July 26, 2016

Apparently, this is an annual festival.

Down South, they have Scottish festivals. In the Midwest, they have Oktoberfests. In South America, where Arabs abound, they have festivals árabes.

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Christian Message in Arabic

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

This is coming from a church called: Iglesia Camino de Salvación (Church of the Way of Salvation)

The leaders are: Pastors: Abraham Merhi y Sara Zakhour de Merhi
Those are Arab surnames. These are Arab-Latin Evangelicals.

From Caracas, Venezuela.

Their website is here:

For those of you who think the Islam would stand a chance in South America, what do you do with Arab-Latin Evangelicals?

A way to world peace is to pay the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria (what the world wrongly calls the West Bank) to move to South America. They would be Christianized in a short time.

Jesus in the Ship of your life

The Speaker is Sister Nawal Nhra (Rivers). Not a Catholic Sister, but an female officer in an Evangelical Church, probably married.

As I have shown on other posts, Evangelical Arab-Christian churches are common in Latin America.

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Latino Arab Cultural Connections

Roughly good observations. Except that I would place the amount of Arabic in Spanish at only 10%, not 20%. It would be lower in Portuguese.

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