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Saturday, August 16th, 2014

DOTD-030 – Micaela Moreni

Posted on YouTube: August 15, 2014

The dancer is Micaela Moreni.

From what I can tell, this group is from Salta, Argentina, a city with a noticeable Arab population.

This may be their studio Facebook page.

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Diego Maradona Is a Dancing Sheikh

Diego Maradona celebrating in the United Arab Emirates

Argentine former soccer star, Diego Maradona, is now living in Dubai. He was the manager of Al Wasi (Dubai) Soccer Club for a year. He got fired as manager, but the Dubai Sports Council kept him on as a Sports Ambassador.

Argentina’s Diego Maradona is arguably one of the two greatest soccer players in history (the other being Brazil’s Pelé); and a hero all over Latin America. He has become enchanted with the Palestinian cause. In the video above, he was dancing with some Arabs. The press started referring to him as a Sheikh, and the video above has gone viral.

Football legend Maradona to remain in Dubai as ambassador

Diego Maradona is set to extend his role as an ambassador to raise the sporting profile of Dubai.

The Argentine great, who was fired as coach of the Dubai-based club Al Wasl after only one season, has spent the past year traveling the globe as an ambassador for the Dubai Sports Council. The council announced Monday that it would extend his contract and plans to announce further details on Tuesday.

From 2011 – Deigo Maradona

The video below shows the one of the goals which made Maradona famous and which brought victory to Argentina over England – in the 1986 World Cup games. Remember, this was just after the Falkland War. The Argentines hated England.

The other famous goal in that game was the infamous “Hand of God,” maneuver, also by Maradona.

Maradonas support for Palestine has influence.

I am not saying this is good or bad; I am saying it is noteworthy. In countries that are not military powers – which is most of the world – soccer substitutes for war, as a focus of national pride. Latin Americans wage soccer, not war.

What Maradona thinks has more clout than most Americans can imagine. There is a growing Latin-American connection with the Arabs in Sport.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

From Rosario, Argentina

Original Date posted on YouTube: Nov 17, 2013

Rosaria, Argentina is a subtropical city north of Buenos Aires. It is spring there, now.

This was their Ethnic Festival.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Arab Dancing on Talent Chile

I usually do not post adult images, but I leave this here for information purposes.
Oct 31 Note:  The video so enraged Arab Dancers that it has been pulled from
YouTube sources.   They were furious that Arab Dancing, which they consider to
be an art form, was treated as if  it were a "nudist spectacular"

As noted many times, Arabic Dancing is mainstream in Chile. The dancer has a Spanish surname, not Arabic: Karen Gonzalez

If you pay attention, her chest was pixelated because she was topless. A lot of comments on YouTube disparaged the dancer for her style, and vulgarity.

Heidi Lozano

That’s all anyone can practice this beautiful dance feel to at least watch the video, as distasteful, rude and vulgar, that, gentlemen Belly is not here or on Mars, or the “dress”, or dancing and attitude, by God!

Such demonstrations all they do is smear a dance so beautiful, a culture as rich as the Egyptian ….. anyway ……. THAT HORRIBLE!!

What is clear that whether she was good or not, respectful or vulgar, Arab culture has influenced Latin culture in South America.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

DT-014 Tango Árabe in Peru

Originally posted Oct 14, 2013
The background music is Bajofondo’s rendition of Pa Bailarr

Alright, this is not from Argentina, but Peru; however it is a tango Arab fusion.

The Arabs will assimilate to this culture.


Note: this was postdated back to Oct 14, 2013

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