Assimilated Arabs

Chile has over half the Palestinian Christians on the planet. Three times as many Palestinian Christians as are
left in the contested areas.

How many of you even knew that South American had 25-30 Million Arabs?

How many of you even knew that they were often wealthy and elite in South America?

How many of you even knew that the richest man in the world is a Mexican-Lebanese named Carlos Slim?

These Latin Arabs can be a bridge to the Arab world. They offer a different perspective of what it means to be Arab. They are not terrorists. They are not a menace to the West. Instead they are doctors, bankers, merchants, and politicians.

It is true that the vast majority of the South American Arabs are Christian (95% or more on the average). Yes, this has assisted their assimilation; but is the West now so ashamed of our Christian heritage that we are apologizing for it?

We are squandering an opportunity.

Our Western Media ignores the Arab communities in Latin America, except when one lone Arab is caught as a smuggler.

We ignore that that Latin-Arabs are often the leaders of their communites and countries.  We have written off the Arabs as irredeemable, when the exact opposite is true, and Latin America proves it.

Latin-Arabs show the world that there is something good in the Arab which can be embraced.  Instead of telling the Arab world in the Mideast what is wrong with them, why not show them an example of their success, something worthy of emulation? Instead of reminding the Arabs how backward they are, why can’t our media broadcast success stories about Arab-Latins to the Arab word?

Who knows? A lot of young Arabs might try to emulate their distant cousins in the West.

A possible solution for the problem in the Mideast.

Do not get me wrong. I am not opposed to anyone in the Mideast. I feel sympathy for both communities: Jew and Arab.

There really is no solution to the problems in Israel which is totally just. It is NOT right to expel Jews from their homes in the contested areas. By history and blood, the Jews do have a connection to the land. Neither is it right that these Jews, and the Jews in pre-1967 Israel, must daily live with a fear of terror.

Neither, again, is it right to expel Arabs from their homes that they have lived in for centuries. Neither is it right to deny them permits to build. Neither is it right to burn down their olive trees, or subject them to continuous martial law. The Arabs have been continuously subjected to a process of dispossession and confiscation; and they are abused by both the Israeli Authorities, and their fellow Arab states, as well as the Palestinian authorities.

No Arab country wants to absorb the Palestinians, and the Jewish state does not want to enfranchise them. This is a recipe for continual rebellion.

No one is saying the Palestinians are innocent. Far from it. They have produced vile terrorists. Neither should we forget that their situation of dispossession was the result, in many cases, of ethnic cleansing by Israeli forces in 1948. Yes, some Arabs fled; but many were forced out. More than Israel cares to admit.

Israeli Settlers do confiscate Palestinian farms, lands and houses; sometimes using flimsy or fraudulent claims. However, many Palestinians, even in Israel proper, build on land that is just not theirs.

In the end, the Palestinians are disenfranchised, devoid of legal rights, and continuously being dispossessed.

No ethnic group in history has survived long in this condition without fighting back.

There is no way to solve this problem without some innocent party being hurt. In fact, too many innocents have been killed already.

Thinking outside the box.

Right now, the contested areas in Israel are the focus of world attention.  There are 1.5 – 2.5 Million Arabs in the contested areas of Judea and Samaria (what the world calls the West Bank). May I suggest that these Palestinian Arabs from the contested areas could easily be absorbed into South Amertica.

Is this so crazy an idea

1) The two state solution is dead. Completely dead. There is no government in Israel that is going to be able to remove 500,000 Settlers from the contested areas. These settlements are all over the contested areas, and extend out to the Jordan River. At this point, it makes no difference who is to blame.  They are not going to be moved.

2) Israel could never allow a Palestinian state to have free borders with Jordan. It would be a security risk for those who intend to smuggle weapons. Yet, neither could a Palestinian leader agree to policed borders, inasmuch as that would void the national freedom the Palestinians seek

3) Israel could never return control of the aquifers it acquired in 1967. They need the water for their own population Neither can Israel allow the Palestinian Arabs to have access directly to the Jordan River. The Palestinians would probably over tap it and run it dry, which would impact on Israel downstream. Yet, no Palestinian leader could surrender such water rights. Water is the staff of life. Nations which do not control their own water are not free.

4) The contested areas are the biblical heartland. Crack open a bible and most of the villages name are in the contested areas. The Israelis are not going to surrender these lands.

5) The Israelis will never enfranchise the Arabs in the contested areas. They are afraid of the demographic; and with good reason. The Arabs in Gaza, the contested Areas, and Israel proper may now approximate the number of Jews. To enfranchise them could spell the end of Israel.   The Arabs could soon vote Israel out of extistence, and vote in an Islamic Republic.  The Jews of Israel would never accept this. Yet, they cannot keep on ruling over such a large, and hostile, population.

6) The Muslim world refuses to absorb the Palestinians. They want the problem to fester and overwhelm Israel. So Israel is stuck with the Palestinians, like it or not.

7) Israel needs the contested areas for military security. That is a bottom line. The military will never agree to withdraw to the “Auschwitz Lines” of 1967.

Basically, Israel is compelled for all these reasons, and more, to keep the Palestinians in a degraded civil status under martial law. It makes no difference at this point who is right and who is wrong.  The situation is NOT sustainable. No one, Arab or not, would put up with it. Yet, Israel cannot address the situation, to the satisfaction of the Arabs, without endangering her own survival.

So why not consider South America as a solution?

Member of the Knesset Moshe Fieglin has recommended giving $500,000 to each Palestinian family to move out. That much money would set up an Arab family in South America for life. They could get a house, some cars, and start up a business. South America would love the capital infusion.

And the number of Arabs in the contested areas of Judea and Samaria (what the world calls the West Bank) is about 0.5% of the population of South America. If they were spread out over the continent, no demographic harm would be done.

Argentines literally dance in the streets. Sharia cannot compete with this. The Arabs will assimilate.

The Muslims among the immigrants – and not all the immigrants would be Muslim – would be placed in a Western Christian culture where dance, gendering mixing, and Western motifs would overwhelm them. If not in the first generation, then in the second generation, there would be large scale conversions. By choice, by intermarriage, by social persuasion; but it would occur.

Argentines dance in the street. Brazil has Samba dancing than can border on the salacious. Uruguay has Condomble. It is broadcast on TV continuously. It is everywhere.

On top of all of this, there is a transational Evangelical Revival sweeping the content. Roughly two million Brazilians a year are converting to Evangelical denominations.

If the booze and tango does not assimilate the Muslims, the Evangelicals will.

The Arabs will assimilate. If the booze and tango does not capture them, the preachers will.

In any event, a problem which threatens the whole world with nuclear war may be defused.

This is doable, and it is cheaper than war.

Something has to be done soon.

The situation in Israel has to be solved soon. This is not something than can be delayed any longer.

In this crisis, every opportunity has to be taken.

The Muslim powers have not ignored South America. They have broadcast in frighteningly vile anti-Israel propaganda to the Latins. They aim to convert the Latins – if not to Islam, then to anti-Zionism – and to swing Latin public opinion. They are starting to have an effect – maybe not in religious conversions, but certainly in public opinion regarding Israel.

I have seen Israeli and Jewish commentators bemoan the encroaching the media assualt being sent into the continent, where the Saudis have built and continue to fund the King Fahd Mosque and Islamic Culturalc Center in Buenos Aires; and the Iranians now broadcast HispanTV to the continent. Yes, it is scary!

But is that the fault of Saudi Arabia and Iran really?

Has the West left a vacuum for the extremists to utilize to their own advantage?

Who left this vacuum? Where was the American media? Why didn’t Israel send out her own message; and set up institutions to reach out to the Latins, instead of just Jewish-Latins?

Qatar’s Al Jazeera regularly report news from South America. Why don’t American networks?

If the Muslims powers have been able to make inroads into South America, it is because the West ignored the Latins, treating them as nothing more than potential consumers.

This may be our last chance. Reach out to the Arabs of South America, to see if they can help the West by getting them to work towards a voluntary paid emigration of the Palestinians, now in the contested areas, to South America.

The Latin-Arabs can be our friends or Iran’s friends. It all depends on us. As the Mexicans say, Si, tú quieres tener un amigo, tú tienes que ser un amigo. If you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend.

It may sound crazy, but nothing else is working.