Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Arab Rebirth in Chile


Palestine Club – Arab Language Classes
Basic and Intermediate Level

Just as Jews in America are discovering their Hebrew roots, even so the Palestinians of Chile are discovering their Arab roots.

They are doing this even though most Palestinians in Chile are intermarried, with Spanish, German, and Italian Chileans. Only 30% of Chilean Palestinians are descended from Palestinians on both the paternal and maternal sides. They are a well integrated, and well-to-do community in Chile. Yet, inspite of this, they are returning to their Arab roots.

To the right, we see an offering for Arab Language Classes at the Palestine Club in Chile. The Palestine Club is one of the more Prestigious Clubs in Chile.

Urban Intervention for Palestine
Public protests in Chile

The Palestinian-Chileans are now a major political force to be reckoned with in Chile.

They are advancing some ugly causes in Chile – as you can see on the video to the left, a boycott of Israel is one of them.

Now, if this were merely supporting one side in a conflict, this might be understandable, but the Israel-Palestinian conflict is larger than just two peoples. There is an Islamic aspect to this which concerns a conflict of West vs. Islam; Freedom vs. a Caliphate Tyranny.

If the Palestinians of Chile want to get involved with the Palestine issue, they should show more discretion. I do not see such discretion coming out of the Palestinians in Chile.