Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Arab Evangelical Church in Venezuala

Fernando Campos, an Evangelical preacher/singer, in an Arab Evangelical Church in Venezuela.

At (2:51) you will see a female Pastor Asuan El Dbassi, a name so Arabic it hurts.

Two things should be obvious

1) In Islam, there are no female clerics, at least not according to the hadiths.

2) In Christianity, there are many denominations which allow for female clerics. This congregation seems to be Pentecostal.

For this who think Islam can win in South America, look at this video. BTW: The girls wearing head scarves (1:26) seem to be doing more so from ethnic cultural identification than religious sensibilities. These are Christians, and so hijabs would not be a requirement. The women do not wear them elsewhere.

South America is having a massive Evangelical Revival. So, one will notice Evangelical Arab Congregations which would be rare in other parts of the world.