Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Arab Dancing on Talent Chile

I usually do not post adult images, but I leave this here for information purposes.
Oct 31 Note:  The video so enraged Arab Dancers that it has been pulled from
YouTube sources.   They were furious that Arab Dancing, which they consider to
be an art form, was treated as if  it were a "nudist spectacular"

As noted many times, Arabic Dancing is mainstream in Chile. The dancer has a Spanish surname, not Arabic: Karen Gonzalez

If you pay attention, her chest was pixelated because she was topless. A lot of comments on YouTube disparaged the dancer for her style, and vulgarity.


Heidi Lozano

That’s all anyone can practice this beautiful dance feel to at least watch the video, as distasteful, rude and vulgar, that, gentlemen Belly is not here or on Mars, or the “dress”, or dancing and attitude, by God!

Such demonstrations all they do is smear a dance so beautiful, a culture as rich as the Egyptian ….. anyway ……. THAT HORRIBLE!!

What is clear that whether she was good or not, respectful or vulgar, Arab culture has influenced Latin culture in South America.