Saturday, April 6th, 2013

African Immigration to Argentina

This is a 4 year old video. African immigration to Argentina has increased.

The Muslims among them are responsible for most of the increase of Islam in Argentina. The native-born Arab-Argentines, who are Muslim, are either converting into Christianity or are non-practicing. Remember that around 90% of Arab-Argentines are Christian.

These Africans often go to Brazil, then move down to Argentina.

This is a more recent video.


What is clear is that if Argentina can take these people in, then Argentina can take in enough Palestinians to make a dent in the Mideast crisis.

Unlike the African Blacks, the Palestinian Arabs would more easily assimilate into Argentina where Arabs are roughly 8-10% of the Argentine population; and where 90% of those Arabs are Christian.

Only a will to spend some time, money, and effort is all that is blocking a Mideast peace solution.