Saturday, September 29th, 2012

A Maronite Visit to Northern Uruguay

Forgive any errors in translation, but this video shows the enormous footprint
of Arabs – in this case Lebanese Maronite Catholics – in Latin America.
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This involves the vist of the World Union of Lebanese Communities’ representatives to 5 major Lebanese communities in Northern Uruguay.

What I did find interesting is that they claim there are 90,000 Lebanese in Uruguay while Wikipedia asserts there are only 70,000.

Again, as noted, the Arabs in South America are woefully under-counted. Also note the Christianity of Latin America Arabs.

Of particular mention in the video is the fact that there are 15 million Lebanese outside of Lebanon. Almost all of these expatriate Lebanese are Christian. About 11 million of them live in Latin America. Right now, only about 1/3 of Lebanon is Christian. Were all those 15 million to return to Lebanon, Lebanon would be over 80% Christian.

What is not mentioned is that a good portion of the Lebanese Christian exodus was ethnic cleansing by the Muslims.

This was a Maronite Catholic group. Almost all the Lebanese in Uruguay are Christian, if not all.

Maronites are a sect affiliated with Roman Catholicism, but where the local priests are allowed to be married before they are ordained. They are particularly noted for Marian (Mary) devotions.