Saturday, March 16th, 2013

A Comparison Says It All


Comparison of Google video searches – as of Mar 16, 2013
English Spanish Portuguese # of hits Notes:
Arab Dance 6,510,000 In Spanish and Portuguese árabe
can mean both Arab and Arabic.
In Spanish there are two words for dance.
Hence the differing wordings.
Arabic Dance 8,710,000
danza árabe 3,020,000
baile árabe 13,000,000
dança árabe 4,280,000

I want you to ponder that.  Even though Engish is the dominant language on the internet by far (Click Here) , and even  though far more Americans are on the internet than Latins, it seems that  Arab(ic) Dance punches more hits in Spanish/Portuguese than in English.

Consider that there are more English speakers on the internet than Spanish/Portuguese. The USA, Canada, Caribbean, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, many populations in the former British colonies, etc.

Consider that many sections of the Latin World (in Central and South America) are too poor to have access to the internet, the way we take for granted in the West.

This should tell you right there that when adjusted for population ratios, the penetration of Arab culture into el mundo latino (The Latin World) is far more massive.

We in the West ignore this at our own peril.

Fortunately, up until now, this has been a Christian Arab influence; and if we use our heads, it will remain so. However, if we ignore Saudi and Iranian propaganda, which is starting to creep into the Latin world, then we will regret it.

Note: I know this is not exactly scientific, but it should tell you something that similar words searches are producing larger results in a smaller population.

Yes, word order can vary results immensely, so I only give this as a general index.