Monday, April 8th, 2013

A Blast from the Argentine Past

Credit to (ElAljibedeTodos)

Desde El Aljibe means FROM THE[Community Water] WELL which served the function of the community gathering place and center of news of like sort of similar to the THE OFFICE WATER COOLER in the USA.

Desde El Aljibe was on the air in Argentina from 2003-2011, when it was cancelled to make way for an Islamic religious program that no one wanted.

About 90% of Arab-Argentines are Christian, and the few Muslims among them are non-practicing as a rule.

There was a suspicion that the Saudi-funded Islamic Center got Desde El Aljibe cancelled.

That being said, this is a video when Desde El Aljibe was teaching about Arab Cooking, in this case the topic of Arab coffee. Cooking was a regular section of their weekly show.

No translation is really needed. I wanted to show how pervasive Arab influence is in South America.

The show was broadcast out of Buenos Aires on the Government Public TV channel 7 which meant one-third of the country could see it.