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Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Telesur Supports Gaza

Telesur (Television South) is headquarted in Chavez’s Venezuela.
They use maps which are intrinsically anti-Israel.

As expected, TeleSur is hostile to Israel. At (0:58) they use a map which is used only by those groups who are hostile to the existence of Israel.

Such a graphic would never be seen on American TV,as it is inherently anti-Israel, and accuses the Jews of stealing the whole country from the Palestinians.


The maps is only used by those groups hostile to the existence of Israel.
They did not even bother to translate the legends from English to Spanish.

Such a map would never be seen on American TV, because it is inherently biased against Israel. That the announcer on TeleSur uses it as an authoritative map indicates a hostile bias.

The map has been floating around for years on the Internet, and seems to have first appeared on Neo-Nazi websites. At least, that is where I spotted the map first; but I could be wrong about its origin.

What is most interesting is that they are using an English language map. They did not even bother to translate it into Spanish. [Though blurry, if you expand it to full screen, you can see the writing is in English.]

In other words, TeleSur’s research is almost nil, they just lifted the image from somewhere else. TeleSur is passing on pre-packaged anti-Zionist media from somewhere else. They do not even have the decency to to translate it. Just broadcast the first anti-Israel map they could find.

What this indicates is an intrinsic bias which, rather than examining the facts, merely passes along any piece of propaganda which fits their pre-conceived notion.

I knew Chavez was biased, but this indicates an intellectual dishonesty that is breattaking in its lazinees.

I know Israel puts out Hasbara propaganda, but it is not usually that sloppy.

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Newspaper Reports on Chilean Protest

This is a news report by El Ciudadano (The Citizen) in Santiago, Chile.

The original is here.
Forgive any errors in translation.

El Ciudadno (the Citizen) is a Chilean Newspaper.

More of the same, but as we note, Chile has a very influential Palestinian population. So the Gaza War is drawing strong interest.

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Argentina is Relatively Quiet over Gaza War

Argentina is having a major economic crisis.

The population of Buenos Aires went out on the street to protes the government polices. Gaza must have been low on the list of things to consider.

Little time for Palestine. The Argentines are too busy protesting their own Argentine government.

This is amazing. Argentina is about 9% Arab; and it has a considerable Jewish population; but the immediate concern in Argentina is their own economic crisis.

Most Arabs in Argentina are Maronite Lebanese Christians (who would not be partial to Muslim Palestinians) and Syrian Orthodox Christians. These might have sympathy for the Gaza Palestinians – though the Maronites might actually support Israel – but no so much to bring them out into the street in large numbers. There is a negligible Palestinian population among them; and the Palestinian-Argentines would not set the tone.

They are probably more upset at Cristina Kirchner’s administration in Argentina than a war 7000 miles away.

The response in Argentina to the new Gazan War seems to be muted.

Chile (see previous posts) however has a notable, prosperous, and influential Palestinian community. Palestinian-Chileans have reacted more strongly, as would be expected.

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