Thursday, April 11th, 2013

1001 Nights from Chaco, Argentina


Chaco Province, Argentina (Source)

Video streaming by Ustream

The Chaco Province is in Argentina’s almost tropical north, yet there was enough of an Arab population to support a radio show called Las Mil y Una Noches (1,0001 Nights) which broadcast Arab Music to the Internet and to Chaco.

It was an internet set up; and it was only about 14 shows, but it had some viewers.

USTREAM plays to a small niche market, but it shows that even in a relatively poorer, rural province, Argentina has an Arab population.

These Arabs in Latin America could be a force for peace.

They are assimilated, and Westernized; yet obviously have enough Arab identification that they could be a bridge between the Arab world and the West.

Why is our American government doing nothing to reach out to them?